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X-Type (now dubbed "X-Type Arcade" due to a phone game with a similar name already existing) is an old-fashioned side-scrolling shoot'em-up game largely inspired by 80's arcades classic R-Type and free online masterpiece RedShift.

Use the [Arrow Keys] or the [Num KeyPad] to steer your ship.  Press [Spacebar] to shoot at the baddies.

Power-ups : Shoot the rockets sent from your base before they fall back to the ground in order to deliver it's payload.  Then, steer your ship into the payload to get the upgrade installed.

Synopsis : You are a test pilot (call-sign Tango-Alpha) who's just about to finish his mission of taking humanity's latest experimental fighter-jet spacecraft, currently code-named Prototype-X, through her first test flight.  As would be expected from such a newly-designed prototype, it turns out that there's a little glitchy issue with the ship's navigation system, but nothing too serious that the engineers back at the base can't fix, fortunately.  As you are making an early casual debriefing report on the radio about this glitch (which is a bug that I was too lazy to fix a totally intended feature of the game), a whole armada of alien spaceships appear seemingly out of nowhere, and earth's defence systems are totally hopeless against it...  except maybe for that sole prototype ship currently in your hands : Prototype-X.

It looks like you're our last hope, soldier!  Hang on tight!  Good luck, X-Type Tango-Alpha!

P.S. : We've sent an e-mail to your wife and kids to tell them that you love them.

Power-ups :
- Shield (reduces bullet damage by half, good for 10 hits)
- Full HP : Provides your ship with a renewed armor enabled to its current maximum capacity
- Extra 5 HP : Provides your ship with some extra armor, also increases the maximum armor up to a certain point
- Decrease Gun Latency : slightly increases the firerate of your gun systems up to a certain point
- Extra Shot : Adds an automatic shot (up to 5) being fired each time you pull the trigger
- Extra Gun : Adds an extra gun to your ship (3 max) to help you equalize things when the going starts to get tough

This game was done in Processing 3 as a personal tribute to one of my all-time arcade favourites and to the space-combat Anime TV-series of my childhood.


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